Follow the Thai traditional appetizer "Mar Hor"

Thai Traditional appetizer menu "Mar Hor" The menu is hard to find today. It is not a street food. Or if you talk about, then a very few people will know this menu. Most will be seen by the merit festival. Or a meal in the ceremony. This menu is a sour fruit menu. Cut into pieces Eat with sweet, salty filling. The taste is intersecting perfectly. But know this menu is difficult to find. But how to do is very easy. Well...Let's go..

Ingredients you’ll need

2 tbsp garlic pepper and coriander root
Vegetable Oil (For Stir Fry)
1 tbsp minced pork
1 tbsp fresh shrimp (coarsely chopped)
2 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp fish sauce
½ cup Roasted ground peanuts, roughly
Pineapple (cut slices)
red chili pepper sliced (decorated)
Coriander leaves (decoration)

How to do…

1. Place your pan fry on the stove under medium heat with 1-2 teaspoon oil.
2. Add garlic, pepper and coriander root pounded into hot pan until fragrant.
3. Add minced pork and shrimp into the pan. Season with fish sauce and sugar.
4. Then put the ground peanuts. Continue stir-fried until mixed well.
5. Taste salty and sweet. Turn off the stove. Let’s cool or
6. Put the plate to leave to cool.
7. Cut the fruit into pieces.
8. Cool, then knead the stir-fried ingredients. Put on the fruit. Decorated with coriander and chili. As pictured.
9. Have fun and Merry Christmas.

  • Fruits can be changed to Kiwi, Apple, Orange, and other sour fruits.
  • If you do not eat pork Can be changed to chicken.
  • Or if you do not eat meat. Can be used the only peanut.