Khanom Jeep & Kiao Thot Sai Phak (V)

From now more and more people are turning to vegetarian foods nowadays due to growing interest in maintaining health and in the healing quality of meat-free diets; this in addition to long standing religious reasons. Then from now I will more post about vegetarian foods. Started from...Khanom Jeep...

Khanom Jeep and Kiao Thot Sai Phak in Thai and also we call in English is Steamed or Fried Won Ton with Vegetarian Filling. This food we eat like a appetizer and all day menu. Also lover kids menu..Let's go...

PREPARATION: (for Khanom Jeep)
  • Pound the coriander root, pepper, and garlic well in a motar. 
  • Heat the oil in a frying pan. When it is hot, fry the garlic mixture until fragrant, then add the onion, mushrooms, peas or beans and pumpkin or carrot and stir fry until tender, seasoning with seasoning sauce and soy sauce. 
  • Separate the yolk of the egg from the white. 
  • Set the white aside for use in wrapping the won ton. 
  • Add the yolk to the pan, then add the flour and mix thoroughly. 
  • When ready remove from the pan and allow to cool. 
  • Place about 1 tsp of the filling in the center of won ton sheet and fold the sheet up by making small pleats all around the filling, sticking the sheet closed by dabbing it with a little of the egg white. 
  • Place the won ton on a lightly greased banana leaf or tray in a steamer and steam for about 15 minutes. 
  • After removing from the steamer, arrange on a plate, sprinkle with the fried garlic and serve with light soy sauce, soy vinegar or sliced chillies in vinegar. 
PREPARATION: (for Kiao Thot Sai Phak)
  • For make a Kiao Thot, place about 1 tbs of the filling in the center of each won ton sheet, fold the sheet over the filling, wet the edges of the sheet with a little water and then pinch the edges closed. 
  • Heat the 2 cups of oil in a frying pan. 
  • When it is hot, fry the won ton until crisp and golden brown, then remove from the pan and drain. 
  • Serve with chilli sauce or ketchup