Thai Noodles

There are different kinds of noodles in Asia, but these are the most popular noodles in Thailand.

Rice stick noodles (sen lek) – Thai people called “Chantaboon Noodle” or “Sen Lek”. These rice noodles are used in Pad Thai noodle or add them along with some broth, but they need to be soaked into water for a few minutes to soften them before use.

Big flat noodles (sen yai) – They are usually sold as fresh sheets, which are either left whole or sliced into various widths. “Pad see eww” dish is seem to be one of the most favorite stir fried noodle with big flat noodle and also “Lard Na” (gravy noodle).

Rice vermicelli (Sen mee) – These are very fine rice noodles. They are used in stir fried, and noodle soup, before using, soak the dried noodles in hot water until they're soft.

Fresh rice noodle (Kha Nom Jeen) – This is a Thai fresh rice noodle, They can not keep long time, and always come in a nests. Thai people like to eat them with Green curry or Red curry, Panang curry will be accepted, this is truly the authentic Thai dish.

Egg noodles (ba mee) – These noodles are also a rice noodle but enriched with egg, that is how they have yellow color. There are two kinds of them, flat and round. Thai people like to eat dried egg noodle with barbeque pork and Chinese mustard green which is called “ba mee moo dang”.

Mung Bean noodles (wun sen) – Also known as bean thread vermicelli or glass noodles. These are made from green mung beans, which are the same beans as those used for sprouting. They are very firm and resilient, normally used in a soup or make a Spicy Thai salad (yum wun sen).

Rice flake noodles (sen kwai chap) – These noodles have triangle shape; normally they are dried and flat. They are popular to use in soups with cinnamon stick, star anise, boiled egg, and pork (kwai chap).

Spring roll wrappers (pang ho po pia) – They are made from a simple flour and water dough, are used for making deep fried spring roll (po pia tod) and Thai fresh spring roll (po pia sod).

Wonton wrappers (pang ho giow) – These are similar to spring roll wrappers but they are smaller, are used for making steamed dumpling (ka nom jeeb), fried dumpling (giow tod), or dumpling soup (giow nam).

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